“My life has always been like a phoenix on fire, fraught with peaks of joy and valleys of unresolved trauma. Whether set by others or myself, that ‘fire’ is my muse, this music is the beauty I found in its ashes, and it was worth the burning.””

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“Is it too soon to declare this will be one of my favorite local albums of 2022? Nope. It’s that good…” ” - Aimsel Ponti
“Highwire.” This song alone makes the album worth buying. Sometimes a song is so good, you can’t even find the words to describe it because it’s more about a feeling than adjectives. This is one of those songs. “” - Aimsel Ponti

Face The Music, Portland Press Hearld Dec 2021

A sultry blend of Lenny Kravitz and Indie Arie, mixed in the passionate delivery of Sade and Bono.” - Performing Songwriter Magazine

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"Mehuman to be one of the top 10 burgeoning songwriters to watch."” - CNN Music

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